How often are you loosing things that you thought you had them next to you? This is really often for me, especially when I am reading a book. Really… you are relaxed enjoying a good book and then suddenly the phone rings and somehow you cannot find the bookmark! Of yes! and of course I dislike folding the pages! Actually, this is a great opportunity for crafting! DIY Easy Painted Paper Bookmark!

Materials for making the Colored Paper Bookmark with kids:

  • white cardboard
  • acrylic colors
  • paint brush
  • scrissor
  • ribbon scraps

This time I will not share with you the craft with photos, but I will show it to you with a small video! I tried to create something, this was actually me second attempt and I have to improve myself a lot! Please join me to my Instagram and have fun with the how to tutorial. Just press here!

Happy Crafting,



Passion crafter , dreamer, lover of travelling and of good food, fan of colors and of photography! Lucky mother of two, who help me extend my imagination! EfZin…live well, dream and laugh!


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