Just a week ago… a really short business trip in Bonn and an amazing night in Kameha Grand Bonn hotel! Oh yes, this was my first time there and I am thrilled about this experience, since I stayed in one of the suites with amazing view to the river! Would you like to follow me to a short tour to Kameha Grand Bonn ?

I have heard this hotel before but I was really unlucky and never stayed there. Because of two reasons… firstly it was always overbooked and secondly too expensive for me. This time an offer for one night accommodation was the opportunity to stay there!

I have to say that Kameha is one of the most amazing places I have ever been. A beautiful hotel, modern and minimal with red, black, white shades and grey silver sparkles! And the magic starts as soon as you enter to the reception! Just next to it, there is the bar (actually one of the hotel/s bars) with the most amazing red leather sofa ever!

Check in completed and with the room’s key on my hand I am wondering…really? Room 101? Meaning first floor and the first room? Hmm… of course my thoughts just paused when I got our of the elevator…just red! Everything was red around with beautiful paintings on the wall and amazing carpet! So impressive! So…where my room is? Ok… 101 is here and next to the door there is a sign … “Diva Suite”? Seriously?

Door opens and the first thing I see is an amazing huge vaze, again on the same amazing carpet!

2 meters away, the next thing to see is the amazing bathroom, with a big bath and a wonderful chandelier! This was the biggest bathroom I have ever been…. bath and shower available, with amazing sun light from the window!

Aromatic cosmetics for the bath, towels and sleepers and everything needed for a relaxing bath, were available. Let’s go now to the main bedroom…

Ok.. the main bedroom was also the living room! A cute fluffy white sofa, with amazing view to the river side, just perfect to spend hours relaxing, having a drink or even reading a book! Bar with drinks and coffee and tea was also in the same side.

Double bed and a big one, with the most amazing view ever! Next to the window, close to the river, it was like being in a cruise!

The room was really comfortable, with everything needed for a relaxed staying. It was also what can be called as smart room, since everything about lights, window shades, heat, music were set by control buttons. It was really funny thing to check what kind of lighting availabilities the room had…like the full moon above my bed!

Of course there were many things to do in the hotel, like enjoy yummy food in the restaurant or enjoy music on the bar. Spa is also available, but I did not had the time to enjoy it. What I loved most, was the outside coffee shop, just next to the river! The most amazing place to be, especially during Spring and Summer, because of the beautiful nature around!

So next time you will be in Bonn Germany, check out this amazing hotel! Have fun!



Passion crafter , dreamer, lover of travelling and of good food, fan of colors and of photography! Lucky mother of two, who help me extend my imagination! EfZin…live well, dream and laugh!

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