Traveling around with family is always a challenge. Especially with two young kids that adore to have their own space. Our last 3 days trip, was in a beautiful traditional village in the mountain, called Stemnitsa, located in Peloponnese. The hotel we enjoyed was simply amazing for family time and also just perfect for a romantic weekend. So 2 Nights in Trikolonion Country Hotel in Stemnitsa Greece!

I think is more than usual lately for everyone. I am talking about the crazy things we have to do in our daily life. So many things to take care and so little time! Houskeeping, kids activities and not only, work at the office and every time so spend the whole day trying to solve everything and at the end you have no quality time for yourself and your family of course. Having a small break from everything and spend a few days in a village, is more than great! Pure relaxing moments for you and your hubby and the kids! This was the idea and we decided to take 3 days off and have a small trip! Nothing special, just the family and a beautiful destination!

Stemnitsa is a small village just around 2 hours away from Athens. The village is really beautiful, up in the mountain, with stone houses and small shops. For our accommodation we have chosen Trikolonion Country Hotel and we adored it! The hotel is located close to the main square of the village, next to the Museum. It has space for parking and it is really easy to find it. Our room was a junior suite, with a double bed and two single beds. What I loved? Not only the style and the decor of the room, but the carpet and the colors and everything in it, which actually made it really cozy! Yes, we were there during April, but it was like being during Winter and I loved this feeling.

The room was really comfortable for 4 persons. TV, refrigerator and wifi were available, while you could enjoy a welcome drink also. My main issue in the hotel rooms is always the closet… not much space for the clothes and shoes and whatever. This was not the case in our room. 2 big closets were available and I managed to organize everything! The bathroom was a big one with shower and everything needed. Hairdryer was available and you could also enjoy Biological natural Skin care products! Slippers and bathrobes were also available for all of us!

Last but not least, the room had amazing view! Really, it was the best way to start your morning by opening the windows and admire the village in front of you!

About breakfast now… yes my second challenge during family vacation! Not only about the food but mostly about what to drink. This was not an issue in Trikolonion I have to say. The employees of the hotel were really polite and so helpful. The kids asked so many things and they were there to support our demands! Fresh vegetables and fruits, homemade jams and cakes, delicious cookies, too many different tastes of cheese and ham, fresh bread and pies! Oh yes, we have tasted homemade pies with chicken or zucchini or sweet cream!

On the second day we have tasted traditional doughnuts that the ladies prepared for the kids and the most yummy omelet with mushrooms and cheese! Everything was delicious!

And what about activities in the hotel? Well there are many things to do. Kids were also more than welcome! First of all, the hotel had a huge living room with so many sofas and small tables and a great fireplace, just perfect for cozy nights and discussions with family. Toys and books were available in all languages. We spend there both nights playing with the kids, drawing and of course reading books in front of the fireplace. My princess commented that we spent there only two nights and we did not have the chance to sit in all the sofas!

For the discerning and fitness enthusiasts, there is also a gym with many gym equipment available in the hotel! While you can even relax with a sauna to relax the muscles! Last but not least, for the ladies, and not only of course, there is the availability to use the spa room and have an amazing and relaxing skin care treatment!

I have to admit that I did not have the chance to use the gym. I had agreed with myself that this weekend should be a relaxed one, so the only thing to do is to enjoy good food and have fun with my family. And that’s it

Stemnitsa is an amazing village to visit, a such beautiful destination, while Trikolonion Country hotel was precious! We loved the place, we had fun with the offered activities, we enjoyed great delicious breakfast and we met the people working there, all of them really polite and so helpful! In your next trip in Greece, you definitely need to visit Stemnitsa and stay on Trikolonion Country Hotel. You will be thrilled!

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Passion crafter , dreamer, lover of travelling and of good food, fan of colors and of photography! Lucky mother of two, who help me extend my imagination! EfZin…live well, dream and laugh!

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  1. Ονειρεμένο μέρος και καταπληκτικό ξενοδοχείο! Χαίρομαι Ζήνα μου που περάσατε με τα παιδιά τόσο όμορφα!

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