A couple of months ago we had the chance for a short family weekend in the traditional Greek village called Stemnitsa in Peloponnese. The village was amazing, but this is another post to share with you! One of the things we discovered there was the Folklore Museum of course! A place to visit with the kids and learn about the tradition of this area! Visit to the Folklore Museum of Stemnitsa Greece!

So let’s start with a visit to the Folklore Museum of Stemnitsa! At the end of the village, next to the family hotel we stayed, you will find a stone building that houses the Folklore Museum. Two floors full of items to admire, information to read and many things to help understand how was the daily life in the village the past two centuries.

When you enter the museum the first thing to see is how the traditional houses in the village were. Kitchen, bedroom, living room and the fireplace. How the family was living, what items were necessary for the everyday life and how they spent their time. Also spend a few minutes to admire the decoration of the rooms, since everything was handmade by the housewife. Embroidery creations and weaving and sewing!

All the houses had 2-3 rooms, but of course the bigger houses were having additionally 1-2 rooms. In the house there was a small place also to keep the tools and everything needed for the housekeeping and not only! all of them were created by wood, bronze or copper and clay.

In the upper floor you will have the chance to learn about the women’s fashion the past centuries. Original clothes for everyday life and for special occasions and even wedding dresses are available. All of them were offered from people living in Stemnitsa village or in the Arkadia in general.

Of course there are also many other traditional dresses and clothes for women from the rest of Greece!

In the same area there is the collection of handmade paintings for churches along with other items and tools, weapons, jewels, coins and everyday life tools and pots! For the weapons especially, there are information about the type, when and where they have been created, who was the owner and of course the technique used. All of them are having amazing silver details…small pieces of art!

Last part of the museum provides us information about profession that have already been disappeared or tend to be, like tinsmith, cobbler and leather worker. Since in Stemnitsa there are too many people making jewels with silver and gold, there was as you can imagine, a separate room for the gold and silversmiths!

The Folklore Museum of Stemnitsa also hosts other collections, like books from monasteries, legal agreements, coins, weaving tools, jewels, handmade creations and many more. It is a place to visit with kids and I am pretty sure that you will love it!

Find more about the museum here!

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