5 minutes diy – How to make a Glitter Star Headband ! A low budget craft in less than 5 minutes and without a need of crafting experience. Perfect idea for a gift to your young princess or even as party flavors.

I really adore the easy crafts and diys. And if these crafts can be done with the materials already have, then even better! So last time my princess and her friends were having fun in our house, it was the perfect time to create something really fast and offer it as a gift to our little guests! Stars and glitter on a headband, the perfect gift for a young girl!

Materials for 5 min craft – Glitter Star on a headband:

  • headband
  • scissor
  • hot glue
  • fabric scrap
  • decorative stars

I have to admit that this procedure is the solution to the broken headbands also. I do not know about your little girls, but my daughter creates too many “accidents” to their hair accessories. The most common problem, is loosing the decorative items on our headbands. So every time I am trying to re-decorate them with whatever I have available. For example what I did for the Pom Pom headband.

The specific diy is really easy and will not take more than 5 minutes. Also no need to be expert on crafting. The only thing you need are decorative items like for example plastic flowers or pom pom or ribbons. In our case, I have used two adorable stars with glitter I had found. The specific stars were simply amazing because of their colors. So start by applying hot glue on the headband and glue the stars. Allow it for a few minutes to dry. The headband is ready. Of course in order to avoid again any “accidents” I made the stars even more stable. This is because the width of them was big enough. So a fabric scrap, smaller than the star is just perfect. use again hot glue and put it in the back of the star. Allow it a few minutes to dry and now the headband is ready and of course perfect for avoiding any accidents!

If you cannot find these kind of stars , just prepare yours. Use cardboard or even felt and create your stars. Again you need to use the fabric scrap in the hidden side.

So? Isn’t this really easy and fast to make? Just perfect for offering to your little girlfriends!

Happy Crafting!



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