Craft for kids Recycle Plastic Bottles to Decor Items! Upcycle plastic bottles and straws to create beautiful wind catchers, planters, candle holders! An amazing way to learn about the recycle and of course how to replace the plastic items with glass or paper! Colors and fantasy!

Materials for Recycled Plastic Bottles to Decorative Items:

  • plastic bottles and drinking straws
  • acrylic paint in various shades
  • paint brush
  • scissor
  • cord
  • optionally: ribbons, beads

It is always good to learn new things or to remind what you already know. Recycle is one of them. Trendy and mandatory. A few plastic bottlers was the opportunity to discuss with the kids about recycle and how bad is plastic bottles and items doing on the nature. How we can replace plastic with glass or paper and how to not make any rubbish. It was also a good opportunity to do some crafting!

This is a really easy craft and the kids will love it. Just let them use paint and their imagination and make the bottles more colorful. Just cut plastic bottles in the middle and clean them. use scissor or a knife to cut them, but be careful of course. Kids can paint them and make many different crafts with them!

Since we are painting plastic, do not add water in your color. Just use them as they are and allow them to dry. The bottles are ready to be used. Let’s transform them to something cute and useful for our balcony for example!

What about the rest of the materials? Just use whatever you have! Fabric scraps, ribbons, pom pom, beads, cord, buttons…everything!And if you want even more color, just make beads from the drinking straws!

Just cut them with a scissor and pass them on the cord. A bead or a button at the end, will make them stable. Make wholes in the bottles and hang them in order to create Wind Catchers!

What else we can make? What about cute tiny planters for our succulents? Use the bottom of the bottle and make two wholes. Pass the cord and the hanging planter is ready! Of course we can use it also as a tiny vase!

Last but not least, we can make candle holders! Of course you need to use these fake tea candles with battery instead of the real one! It will be safer!

Our bottles transformed to cute planters and wind catchers and vase and mobile and they are decorating our balcony! All of them really cute. The kids enjoyed the craft, since they did whatever they wanted with the colors! Oh yes, at the end they were painting with their fingers instead of paint brushes!

Upcycle old plastic items and create cute decor ideas! Then replace the plastic bottles with glass and the plastic straws with paper!

happy Crafting!



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