Yummy Tastes in Glikisma Pastry shop In Poros! A small corner full of traditional tastes and amazing aroma that you have to visit in Poros island! Next time you will travel there, just make a stop and you will be thrilled!

So you are in Poros island and you a walk around in the small streets, admiring the houses and trying to discover beautiful places for photo shooting. And then you just enter to the small street of Ermou with the adorable shops and my favorite one Ergani Weaving Workshop! But then you realize that something amazing is in the air… a great aroma of sugar and cinnamon and cream? Is this true? Well yes… because the Pastry Shop Glikisma is in this street too!

I have visited this adorable little shop last year and since then I am in love with the tastes. This year I was lucky to have family vacations in the beautiful island of Poros and this shop became our everyday habit! The problem is that when you check the amazing sweets George creates, you will get confused about what to try! The solution is only one… make a list!

So start with the sweet almond bites and the amazing Greek tsoureki. Of course these desserts are great to taste them with an aromatic Greek coffee too. And then keep eating and tasting the remaining sweets. Cakes are amazing… there are cakes with cream and chocolate and fruits. Just taste the delicious Orange Pie and you will love it!

Even thought there are so many amazing sweets, my favorites are the traditional bites with syrup. Baklavas and kantaifi always reminds me my grandma and my grandpa. My grandma because she always making the most delicious baklava for Christmas time and my granpa because every time we were out for a walk, we were always tasting kantaifi with ice cream! Have you tried this before? No? Well this is the time… because Glikisma Sweetshop has also amazing ice cream!

What actually I found in Glikisma are amazing little Baklava bites with peanuts from Aigina! Oh yes! Just taste them!!!!

I am pretty sure that during your vacation on the island you will become fan of this shop. Every day you will be there just for a small bite from heaven. The problem starts when you have to leave Poros because vacations end! Just do not forget to get a few boxes with you full of amazing sweets!!! Just enjoy them!

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