#Backtoschool DIY How to make a Rainbow Notebook! A 5 minutes low budget craft to offer it as a gift to your beloved students! Make the first day in school for your kids full of colors and rainbows!

Materials for making a Rainbow Notebook:

  • Notebook
  • Colors for paper

Every September for the past 4 years, making a notebook for school is a tradition. Is something that we can create with my princess to use it for school. It is actually my way to say to her that everything is going to be perfect and has nothing to worry about… especially this year that she was really anxious that she will not have the same teacher like last year. Every year we draw and paint the notebook, we add small cute notes and we use also our Scrapbooking Paperclip Bookmarks!

The idea is to craft something simple, but unique and totally customized for her. And since we both adore rainbow, this time we decided to add more color in her everyday school life with a cute Rainbow Notebook. As I told you, this craft is a 5 minutes craft and can be done by everyone. Oh yer, I do not know how to draw, so the Rainbow schema was just perfect for me too. Just use your favorite colors and make tiny cute rainbows. Also you can add the name with a black one… and now is more customized and she will not mess it with the other students’ notebooks!

Simple lines with our favorite colors. And simple lines at the edge of the notebook and a small cloud (since my princess name means actually cloud!) and our notebook is ready!

Well ok… more or less is ready, because this is from outside. It is also a tradition to write her a lovely note in the last pages of her notebook. In that way if she feels anxious or sad about anything she can read it and smile…yes, usually is a joke for her! We also added cute noted and pictures from kitties inside the notebook. and now it is ready!

Every year you realize that the kids are growing. So for us, this is something that we do together to feel her like a kid again! hahaha…

So have fun with more Back to School diy from here!

Happy Crafting!



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