Along with boots and sneakers , flat oxford shoes are one of the hottest women’s shoe trends for the Winter. And, even when oxfords aren’t especially “in,” they’re still a fashionable choice for women who want to add a dressy feel to an outfit, without having to wear high heels. The only problem is that lot of women aren’t sure what to wear with flat oxfords. I think the confusion comes in because oxfords are more related to men and many women aren’t convinced that they can work them into their wardrobe. Oxford Shoes How to wear them and make your style unique!

oxford shoes for women

   5 ways to enjoy your favorite Oxford Shoes… let’s go!

1. Oxford shoes and your beloved denim!

Maybe the easiest way to combine your oxford shoes with a casual and all time classic style. Blue jeans in every style (skinny, straight, flared…) are just perfect for your everyday outfit and perfect for a casual office day. To add a bit of femininity to the combination, you could wear a loose blouse or shimmery tank; for a cute casual look, try a simple, scoop or v-neck tee shirt; and for a clean and classic outfit, choose a blazer or a button down shirt.

2. Oxford shoes and casual floral pants!

Dress pants and oxford shoes are another no-brainer; and the combination is probably the first one mostwomen think of when they’re considering a pair of flat oxfords. The thing is, you don’t have to just think along traditional lines by pairing them with a pair of plain black pants, or a basic business suit. Another way to really create a dynamic look with women’s pants and oxford shoes is to use patterns and textures to create a striking contrast between the two.

3. Oxford shoes with dress and skirt

Are you a dress lover? Are you a romantic lady? Do not be afraid to enjoy your Oxford shoes with a short lace dress or a floral skirt! You’ll want to go with a skirt or dress that provides some kind of contrast to the oxford shoes themselves. Since oxford shoes are masculine by nature, the easiest way to guarantee that contrast is by wearing them with something overtly feminine.

4. Oxford shoes and feminine shorts

One of my favorite styles, especially during the hot Summer. If you need to be dressed up more professionally in the office, then shorts are just perfect for this occasion. Prefer linen shorts and combine them with a casual white shirt! Do not forget to add more color with a scarf or even a statement necklace!

5. Oxford shoes with suit

The most casual way… the most men style. However, who believes that suits are only for men? Prefer an all-time classic striped suit and a floral shirt and add color in your professional life. Monochrome oxford shoes just complete the picture!

So… are you and Oxford lover? My shoes are already my No1 choice for every occasion and this dusty brown just perfect to combine it with almost everything. Now I am trying to find also shoes in pink color…

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