Four Reasons Why Portugal is the Trendiest 2020 Holiday Destination! Check out four key reasons why Portugal is set to become even more popular next year!

Portugal has been overlooked as a holiday destination for decades, with people preferring either the stunning beaches and relaxed vibe of sunny Spain or the more chic and culinary captivating atmosphere of France. However, in the last few years this has gradually began to change, with holiday makers finally realising that Portugal has it all; from sandy beaches to stunning natural landscapes; all washed down with some local red wine and a feast fit for a king.

Check out the below four key reasons why Portugal is set to become even more popular next year, and why you’d be a fool to miss out on this amazing, and cost effective, holiday destination.

1. It’s perfect for foodies

If you consider yourself a cuisine connoisseur but haven’t yet tasted the local delicacies of Portugal, then you are seriously missing a trick. Portugal offers Mediterranean food at its best; with dishes being vibrant, fresh and full of flavour. Hit the region of Madeira if you want something a bit different to excite your taste buds, with the infamous madeira wine as well as ‘espetada’ which is meat on a skewer that has to be tasted to be believed. Of course, you can’t talk about wine without mentioning Douro Valley, home to arguably the best wines in Portugal; if you don’t believe it, try them for yourselves.

2. It offers a truly authentic experience

If you are fed up with the touristy and arguably predictable offerings of Spain, France and even Italy, Portugal could be exactly what you are looking for. If you really want to get away from the tourist hotspots, head to Viana do Castelo in Costa Verde. The weather can be a little more unpredictable than in some other areas in Portugal, but you will be rewarded with stunning, yet empty beaches and the company of locals rather than other tourists. These locals can show you the delights of their local seafood, including eel and Minho trout.

3. It has the location and accommodation for the perfect Insta pic

Not top on everyone’s list of priorities, but for many being able to capture their holiday memories on camera to share with their family, friends, and followers is an important motivator for booking a travel destination, and Portugal offers this in abundance. To start, the majority of Portugal’s coastline is facing west, which luckily happens to be the orientation the sun sets every day. So, not only can you enjoy the stunning backdrop of the notorious Algarve beaches, but you can also ensure the best possible lighting for your crucial selfie shots.

Not to mention the stunning array of villas in Portugal that are spacious, luxurious, and boast impressive views of the surrounding scenery including the unrivalled Algarve which arguably has the most breath-taking landscape in the whole of Europe.

4. It’s a sustainable destination

For those who pride themselves on being environmentally conscious in every aspect of their lives, Portugal is the perfect destination. In the recent Global Top 100 Sustainable Destinations report, Portugal scored highly in its dedication to renewable energy sources as well as its rational use of water. In fact, the Chairman of Tourism has vowed to make Portugal one of the most competitive and sustainable tourist destinations by 2027.

So? Are you ready to organize your next trip to amazing Portugal???

Have Fun!



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