DIY How to make Fabric and Ribbon Scraps Keyholders! A really easy upcycle project to create a cute gift for Mother’s Day and not only!

Mother’s Day is close. On the other hand, I am fan of keeping things…you never know when you will need them. This means that I have a box only for fabric scraps and ribbon scraps! Yes, I know… you can use them in pillows or in kids crafts or for wrapping gifts!

A few days ago I was organizing my supplies and especially these ribbons. An the idea just pop up. Why not to use them to create cute key-holders or even better to decorate my handbags??? I love ribbons and laces, I am fan of color and of course I had also other materials to use like buttons and tassels and beads!

Each key-holders takes no more than 5 min. It is a really easy craft that kids can also help you. Combine different type of scraps and the keyholders will be just perfect, even for gifts for Mother’s Day or any birthday girl!

Check out the materials I used and the detailed procedure in my Instagram profile, here!

I am trying these days to create more #diyvideos with crafts easy to be done by everyone. These videos will be shared via my Instagram and Facebook profile. So, join me and discover more funny and cute and non-expensive craft ideas!

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Have Fun and Keep Crafting!




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