Create your own bath salts with the unique aroma of pink salt and tea, and enjoy a homemade spa experience! Moments of relaxation for mom… and not only!

There are these moments when you simply want a relaxing bath, for your mind to stop thinking, and for our batteries to recharge. It’s not difficult… it just takes 5 minutes of our time. Let’s easily prepare our own aromatic bath salts with ingredients we have at home. Feel free to indulge in these relaxing moments, whether you’re a mom or not!


  • Pink Salt
  • White Salt
  • Aromatic tea
  • Essential Oil (your favorite aroma)

Exactly! So, in a small bowl, add the pink salt and the white salt. Then, add our aromatic tea and mix. Finally, add a few drops of our favorite essential oil. I won’t specify quantities, as it’s up to us how much salt we want to make. Easily store them in a glass jar for future use. If you enjoy their scent, simply leave the jar lid open, and your bath will be filled with lovely fragrances.

And in order to make this DIY even easier, I have prepared a small video for you. Find the detailed instructions HERE!

Did you know that each aroma is ideal for something different? For example, Lavender relaxes and calms us. It’s an ideal scent for before bedtime, even for children. Just a few drops on our pillow, and we’ll fall asleep easily!

Jasmine is perfect for relieving headaches… I know it very well. So, it can also be used on our pillow for undisturbed sleep.

Ylang ylang is another lovely oil, soothing and balancing for the nervous system. Of course, it’s ideal for relaxation and invigoration.

My favorite, Rose, is perfect for dry and mature skin. It soothes signs of fatigue, rejuvenates, and tones the skin.

I think Aromatherapy is unique. And when you start reading about its benefits and uses, you’ll be thrilled. So, I’m preparing another post about scents and more! Stay tuned!

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