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Hello my friends!

I love promoting artists and businesses that fit with the my personal style and the style of Ef Zin Creations and at the same time meet new bloggers, artists and people! In order to do that, a few options are available:

– Slidebars – blog buttons

Create your own blog button or shop button and add it in my blog. The size should be 250*250pix or 250*125pix.

My followers so far are: (updated on 1st of January 2018)

* Facebook: 10429

* Twitter: 3187

*Instagram: 3506

* Pinterest: 2280

* G+ : 849

* Bloglovin: 1414

– Giveaways

A Giveaway is a great way to get traffic to your shop , your facebook page or blog. Terms and giveaway entries can be modified by  you. The promotion of the giveaway will be done in facebook, twitter and promo blogs.

 Sponsored Posts – Featured Shops (Promo – Coupon Codes)

Another way to promote your shop is with a Featured Shop Post. A presentation of your work, your creations and your shop. If you have any coupon code or sale or promo that you will love to share, this is the greatest way. The specific posts are promoted via twitter, facebook, pinterest and g+.

– Product Reviews

If you are interested in a product review feel free to e-mail me about your product to ef.zin.creations@gmail.com

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact me at ef.zin.creations@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest!!!

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