It was about time to write something small about me. I was trying a lot lately to figure out how to introduce myself. I have decided just to express my thoughts in a simple way.

 I love to create things from old materials, actually recycling them, and I do love to create jewels. My first love was embroidery, I own that to my mother, who creates masterpieces! And then I was trying to find more materials to use to create something cute, useful, something that I will be proud of. My first attempt? When I was almost 6years old I created a short necklace for me and my friends with wooden beads from my grandma’s old wooden curtain! There were cute I have to say! And then drawing in glass, creating flower pots from old vazes, bottles, tin cans, key holders and chaplets from old buttons and beads. I was really proud for all of them and I adored them.

 My life almost  completed with my young princess and my baby prince. This was the time to decide to start my hobby again. Crafting small home décor pieces and jewels for my girl was something really relaxing for me. And now that my princess is quite old to express her opinion about them, it is really something to enjoy, especially when we craft something together.  To be honest, she is my model to my jewels, the greatest one, and when she says WOW(!) and wears them, I feel very proud and lucky!

I started blogging just to present  my work, but then blog became my diary, my personal magazine! Writing about my emotions, my dreams, my memories it was like chatting with friends. But I wanted more…. I wanted to meet more people, to learn from them and about them and at the same time I wanted to share with them my personal experiences and introduce to them my favorite artists and friends.

 I have to stop talking…or should I say writing? Feel free to look around in Ef Zin Creations blog, you will be surprised!  What to say? After all , Ef Zin means live well…so laugh, enjoy, dream…live well! My wish for you!

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