A Yummy walk in Athens Center!!!! Sweets and bitters, coffee and beer, in the small shops that you can find in the center of Athens!


Thursday morning with an amazing sun, 22 degrees and the school is closed! What to do then? Comfortable shoes, light clothes, sunglasses and a small walk in Athens center is the perfect way to spend a few hours just with my daughter. To be honest, this is something that we always trying to have in our program at least once every two weeks, but this time we were lucky to have this walk in the morning.



No, this time I will not share with you photos from the city but photos from the food. In general our diet is always with vegetables, super food, not much sugar, fruits and healthy bites. But the specific day we can always have a few exceptions… afterall it is once in a while, so why not to join it? Our walk always starts with a take away coffee for me and a loukouma donut for my princess. There are many spots in the center you can actually get delicious sugar donut! No, after this kind of breakfast we should walk around to the small streets to find new tiny shops or to visit archeological sites or small museums, in order to spend few of the calories we got! This time we have visited the Foundation Melina Merkouri and then we had a small walk to Thisio. Yes, after a few kilometers we were ready to taste souvlaki! My favorite place for a delicious souvlaki and a cold beer is always Thanasis in Monastiraki! If you haven’t ever been there before, you should visit the place soon!



One souvlaki is enough, not to over do it (!!) and then what is better than a full of aroma and taste, Greek Coffee? You have of course to move a little bit far away from monastiraki square, but not that far. Serbetia in Psirri square is only 5 min on foot, but you will not regret it at all, believe me! Amazing coffee and delicious sweets!!!! Just an advice, do not order just using the menu (unless of course you have been there before), but enter the tiny shop and choose from there. The ladies are always welcome to describe the sweets you can have. Believe me, their description is one of the kind!




Baklava for me please, I love it in coombination with Greek coffee and a Vanilla ice cream for my princess. And I think we are done! Back to our home, we have to study for tomorrow. Thank God, I had my car with us!!!!

So, what is your favorite tastes in small walks????

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  1. Marian Bliss Reply

    Oh God! I shouldn't have opened this post. Huge huge mistake 🙂

  2. Άντε σε λίγο θα φάω και εγώ σουβλάκι,οπότε οκ(αλλά ένα=κανένα,οπότε δύο,ξέρεις όπως με συμφέρει τα λέω)!!!Αλλά στου Ψυρρή,έχω να πάω κάμποσο καιρό!!Τέλεια είναι και η σούπα σοκολάτας στο σερμπετόσπιτο της Νάνσυς,είναι πολύ σοκολατένια!!!Καλό ΠΣΚ Ζήνα με πολλές,πολλές βόλτες!!!

    • Το Σερμπετοσπιτο το εχω ξανακουσει, αλλα δεν εχω παει. Για να το διορθωσω αυτο!

  3. Η αγαπημένη μου βόλτα την απολαμβάνω από τότε που θυμάμαι τον εαυτό μου!!!
    Πέμπτη είπες πήγατε, εμείς Δευτέρα με τη κόρη κι εγώ, που παρόλο που μεγάλωσε συνεχίζει να της αρέσει αυτή η διαδρομή και αυτά τα στέκια και σε ποιον δεν αρέσει άλλωστε!!!!
    Φιλάκια πολλά!!!

    • Μοιαζουμε λοιπον…τα κοριτσια τσαρκα στο κεντρο! απλα υπεροχα 🙂

  4. Αχ τις λατρεύω αυτές τις βόλτες στην Αθήνα!Καλές βόλτες και καλό Πάσχα!AriadnefromGreece!

  5. Η φωτογραφία με το σουβλάκι με κόλασε μέρα που είναι! Τα γλυκά τα αφήνω για εσάς χαχα!

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