So yesterday there was really an amazing day here in Athens. Hot with a great sun…so it was the perfect opportunity to go for launch by the sea. a favorite place of mine, a small tavern just 2meters away from the sea. 

So we dressed up, we took my daughter’s games for the beach, we prepared a coffee and we were ready. Half an hour later we were drinking cold beer and we were tasting fresh fish. The sun was hot, the sea was calm and my daughter just jumped into the sand and start creating small wholes and cute towers… it was just amazing. 

Ha…you already know that I am a good food lover and since I am from an island I love fresh fish and every delicious  from the sea. So we had small salt cod, perfect also for my daughter (it has almost none bones) and fresh fried shrimps…so delicious!  Our launch has ended with really ravani with vanilla ice cream! just amazing! 

A short walk by the sea is always something that relaxes me and you can never imagine what a beauty you can discover on the beach….

Does not the last one looks like a felt bead???? hahaha… incredible…natural felt bead! unprecedented nature!

Have a great day!


Passion crafter , dreamer, lover of travelling and of good food, fan of colors and of photography! Lucky mother of two, who help me extend my imagination! EfZin…live well, dream and laugh!


  1. beauty and the food beast! Reply

    polu omorfa!!!!!!eixe teleia mera xtes…simera mas ta xalase ligo!

  2. Happy Days in Greece!Really love them!The best way to fight crisis!!!

  3. Dori Janki Reply

    silly girl, always thinking of beads 😛

    great weekend 🙂

  4. Food is always on your mind too, ha? Me too!

    I got jealous reading this, you should take me with you next time!

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