Hello my friends!
It is already a week without a post on my blog, but this week was really tough. My princess was sick and still is, so as you can understand I didn’t have free time for blogging. Today she feels a little better, so here I am.
Unfortunately I had too man things to post about, but now I consider them as “old”. The only thing that I want to talk about and share it with you, is the walk we had as a family ( I mean the “four” of us) on the beach, just before the sickness. It was the first walk of my baby boy to the sea and we had a wonderful time.




So we went to a beach almost a hour away from our home and in that place there are beautiful taverna with fresh fish. I have to admit that being in Athens I kind missing eating fresh fish as I used to do in Crete.

Marida and sardine so delicious with a cold beer and a great company of course…




and since the taverna was on the sand, my princess spend a couple of hours playing with the sand. Yes…you can imagine how dirty she became, but who cares??? she was laughing all the time and this is the most important!


so…it smells like Summer and I love it!!!

Have a wonderful full of smiles and health weekend!!!

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