The second day in Keratokampos was really different than the first one. It was a day full of sun, full of sea and full of what I call…Summer vacations.



We were lucky enough to spend the whole day in an amazing beach, a secret one. Yeap, don’t laugh! We heard about this beach from a friend and it was really difficult to find it if you didn’t know, since we couldn’t see it from the road or from any other place.



The beach is almost 7km away from Keratokampos and near Tsoutsouros and we had to walk for about 10mins before we got there. Now imagine to do this with 3kids, a baby boy, waters, sun umbrellas, a baby carriage and of course thw necessary stuff for the beach, like towels, food, cloths, extra cloths for the kids, creams, toys etc. Yes, we were crazy!!! The specific day the temperature was almost 41degrees in Crete!!!
But when we got there, the view was gorgeous!!! And the beach was secluded…our “team” and two other couples! Amazing?



What type are you? Do you prefer a cloudy beach ot like this one?


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