Small excursions in the traditional villages of Crete is something that I adore to do. Even better if in that specific village you have friends to visit. So please join me for a trip in Males of Crete!


Malles is a small traditional village in Lassithi, just 40km away from Agios Nikolaos. Driving until Males is an interesting experience, since you drive up to the moutain and you visit a few more beautiful traditional villages. When you get to Males, the view is amazing!
The village was one of the biggest the past century, but as many villages in Greece, people left for the big cities to find a job, so many houses remain forsaken.



Beautiful white washed roads with beautiful flowers and plants is the main characteristic of the village.


The second one is the big number of churches!

Two different views in the village…many old things and many roads with abandoned houses



and many roads with beautiful details and full of life!


The colors are gorgeous


and the fallen leafs reminds us that Autumn is finally here.

Suddenly the sky becomes grey….


the rain starts,



and the atmosphere just fills up with the aroma of the first rain!

Rain ends and now is jst perfect to visit the small church of Agia Paraskevi and have a coffee under the plane trees…



Welcome Autumn….


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