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I have a dream…not a big one, but a small tiny one…I wish I had a small stone house (except the house on the island I have told you about in the past) near the mountain! But not just a house… a house with a beautiful garden full of apple trees and strawberries and orange trees (oh I adore the aroma of the orange flowers) and a small river (or even better a lake) with beautiful fishes, to pass near my home. My kids definitely could play around without to be afraid of the cars! Isn’t it great?
Έχω ένα όνειρο… όχι μεγαλο, ενα τοσο δα ονειρο… ονειρευομαι ένα μικρο πέτρινο σπιτάκι κοντα στο βουνο (εκτός φύσικα από το άλλο σπίτι στο νησι)! Αλλά όχι ένα απλό σπίτι… ένα σπίτι με έναν υπέροχο κήπο γεμάτο μηλιές και φραουλιές και πορτοκλιές (ποσο λατρευω το άρωμα από τα άνθη της πορτοκαλιας!) και ένα μικρό ποταμάκι ( ή ακόμα καλύτερα μια λιμνούλα) γεμάτο όμορφα ψάρια, να είναι κοντά στο σπίτάκι. Τα μικρά μου θα μπορούν άνετα να τρέχουν και να παίζουν χωρίς να φοβόμαστε τα αυτοκίνητα! Δεν είναι φοβερο;

Ok…now wake up Zina and lets decorate our house here in Athens like being in the village I told you about. Trees and apples and fishes on the wall, pears on the table, cats and a small forest on my bedroom. An of course do not forget the ballerina shoes for my princess and a small ship to take me to my favorite Crete again! I am lucky to have Arktos Art to make my home like living on this dream!
Ωραία, τώρα ξύπνα Ζήνα και ας διακοσμήσουμε το σπίτι μας στην Αθήνα σα να είμασταν στο χωριο. Δέντρα και μήλα και ψάρια στον τοίχο, αχλάδια στο τραπέζι, γατούλες και ένα μικρο δάσος στην κρεββατοκάμαρα. Και φυσικά να μην ξεχάσουμε τα παπούτσια μπαλαρίνας για την πριγκίπισσα και ένα καραβάκι να με πηγαίνει στην αγαπημένη μου Κρήτη! Ευτυχώς ειμαι τυχερή γιατί για όλα αυτά έχω το Arktos Art, να κάνω το σπίτι μου σα να ειμαι σε όνειρο!

Apple and pear sculptures


I am Sophia and Arktos is the business I have started with my husband in 1995.We set out by making ceramics , but have broadened our range with jewellery, art objects, worry beads sets, decorative charms, crafted items, wreaths, etc.


Our local shop is called ‘Arktos’, an art gallery, based in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki and our online venue is ArktosArt.


We just love to make things, there’s always a new project to be started.Apart from our pottery, which can only be made in our workshop, a lot of our craft making started in the shop, where we have some free time.We make all our jewellery there, our worry beads sets, our wreaths and charms, our Easter candles and so much more. 

Sailboat Miniature


My husband, Andreas, is an amazing potter and wheel thrower and really cherishes the time he spends in the studio.He makes a lot of tableware, functional , oven-proof pots, but also large, sculptures of high fire stoneware clay.Unique gorgeous, pieces.


Whenever I can steal some time away from the local shop, I like to make hand built pots or sculptures, or just try my hand various projects.Last summer I launched my very first series of boho, ceramic rings and brooches.There is so much to do and so little time.


I chose this precious name, Arktos, because I love both the animal and the constellation, carrying this name, although it is another word in English.I also picked it for its beauty and elegance.It just shows who I am, my work, my style and my vision. It’s a world of art to our customers and fans, a very special place, hosting artists from all over Greece.
Why I love handmade…. I always meddled with the crafts and fine art, too. Drawing and painting in the early years and then jewellery making and crafting items.My extensive collections of driftwood, pebbles, bottle caps, ribbons, etc. are now finally used to create things that weren’t there before and this amazing process is ever so exciting!
I wouldn’t have it any other way, handmade is the only way.


Cat and Trees


Thank you Sofia!!!! It is always great to know more about you!

Sofia and Andreas were really kind to offer a gift from their Jewelry collection to one lucky winner! A gorgeous dainty Blue Evil Eye Bracelet!!!!

Evil Eye Bracelet


In order to have the chance to win, just use the Rafflecopter below and earn more entries. Of course giveaway will be active also in facebook in order to share it, tag two friends and comment it!  If you wish to enter just click here.Για να έχετε την ευκαιρία να λάβετε μέρος στο διαγωνισμό, απλά χρησιμοποιείστε το rafflecopter εδω και σκερδίστε επιπλέον συμμετοχες. Ο διαγωνισμός θα είναι ενεργός και στη σελίδα ΕυΖην στο facebook για να τον μοιραστείτε με δύο τουλάχιστον φίλους σας, να τον σχολιασετε και να τον κοινοποιησετε στο προφίλα σας, όλα για εξτρα συμμετοχες! Για να μπείτε πατηστε εδω.

Winner will be announced  on the 27th of September…are you anxious???     Good Luck!!!!

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