Every Christmas one of the challenge I have to deal with is the Lucky Charms of the New Year for my friends houses! And Every year I try to create something that has nothing to do with the charm of the last year! New materials, different colors, maybe a new technique…who knows! The only thing that remains the same is that the charms are totally handmade and full of Love for my beloved friends!



So after the charms with the cinnamon and the clay stars for 2014 and the tiny houses charms for 2015, this year it was time to use my favorite fabrics and more colors!!! But I couldn’t decide if I want something small…or a statement, possible for the wall or for the door! So I have created both. Since the charms were for specific people, I tried to create something different for everyone, totally custom for them according to their taste! And I think they liked them…



To be honest I have created more designs but it was impossible to photoshoot them and  also that I still have a couple in progress for friends that live away from us!


Nop…this is not a lucky charm, but the small Christmas trees that my princess made with pine cones and even thought I have tried to create a post about them, I didn’t… I preferred to play with them and my kids instead of writing my blog. Maybe next year…. hahahahaha
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