What are the gifts I received for Christmas ? All of them with colors and amazing aromas…you will love them!


Christmas for me this year, were full of aromas, colors , cute things and fruits!!!! You guessed right, this year I have received a few gifts…yes this was the first time with so many gifts! Of course it was just the perfect period to buy me also a gift for myself! All of them were so amazing, that I want to share this experience with you! Today is the first part of this post, with my cosmetics, body care products and an amazing leather wallet!


Let’s start then…with Strawberry and Milk from Fresh Line! Yes I know… it is still Winter! But why not to enjoy my beloved strawberry every time of the year? An amazing beauty products set for body care and not only, in Strawberry and Milk…it smells like Ice Cream!


And this set has everything! Shower Gel, Body Milk, Body Water and a trully pink Lip Balm! Shower Gel and Body milk for your body! The perfect way for our daily skin care routine! First start with a relaxing bath with the amazing aroma of strawberry and milk and then do not forget to apply on your body the body milk…it will make it more smooth and soft!


Almost ready to go out,since you will need also your cosmetics, but this is my third proposal in this post! After your makeup and before leaving home, you will definately need something aromatic and to give you this sence of fresh… Body Water! This is actually my beloved type of aromas… I have already two of the collection of Fresh Line! Without alcohol, with amazing fruity aroma and so easy to apply and use it everytime of the day! An amazing choise!



Last but not least, do not forget your Lip Balm, especially these days with the cold weather. Our lips are always need protection! An amazing Lip Balm with Pomegranate to make our lips soft and smooth and slightly pink!


If you search my wallet, you will never know what you will find… tickets, cards, photos, this cute love note from my hubby and the wishing card from my mom and my dad, the tiny painting from my kids and the last drachma that my grandma gave me as a gift… and money of course! This means that I really need space, with many pockets and hidden pockets. But most of all I want a wallet that can last. This is the reason I always have leather wallet and belive me if the wallet in durable, then I keep it for many years!


This was a gift to myself…Rosaire « Havana » Women’s Togo Leather Wallet with Strap Closure , a beautiful leather wallet in a beautifull grey color, with a strap closure. It has too many pockets and so much space to use and I love it! Simply perfect for me! And you know what is the best thing? That is big enough and I can use it as a small purse and not only hide it in my bags!


EvaLeather has many beautiful leather products and I will definately purchase something for my birthday! Let me see….what about a shoulder bag????


I am not a fanatic with makeup and cosmetics, but I always like to use specific beauty products like eyeshadows and everything related to eyes and of course nail polishes! It is my way to start my day with a great mode! Essence cosmetics is one of my favorite brands with amazing colors and too many products to choose from their collection. This time I got a few I have to admit and all of them so unique!



Eyeshadows, mascara and blush are my most used products and I like to have plenty of them. This time I wanted something light, with not much color, but perfect for the Christmas dinner!  Metal Chrome blush was just the perfect choice!


And then my beloved eyeshadows and mascara! Brown shades for me please and actually these shades are almost the same (with small differences) with my old brown pallete. I loved this brown pallete so much, so when I found that I can get for myself something almost the same, I was thrilled! Brown and cream and dark brown and… what about the mascara? Ok… I have a purple one, a blue one, a brown one, a lots of black but I did not have a colorless one! You know, a mascara for a wet look! So guess… now I have one!


Lipstickslip gloss… I hate them and I love them! Actually I cannot decide. There are days that I cannot leave home with lipstick and there are days that I cannot even think to use them! My collection is quite big of course, but most of them are almost new…since I have used them only two or three times! Mostly in pink and brown shades! this time I decided to dare something new… dark pink and brown to pink shade and I am in love with them! They last long and I can use them in the office, since their shade is not that bold!



Last but not least…. Nail polish!!!! This is actually my second passion about cosmetics! I love colored nails but on the other hand due to housekeeping, it is always hard for me to have my hands and nails beautifull! Yes, I know… this is usual! So hand cream and then the amazing Grey Nail Polish that does not need to use On Top to make it last longer!!!!! It is nude but with a beautifull sparkle, in an amazing grey shade that looks like lilac (!!!) and lasts almost 5 days!!! I told you, I am in love!!!!
So…tell me about your gifts…. I am so curious!
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