DIY Shoes with Embroidery Shoelaces and let’s walk around!

Spring means great opportunity for new purchases!!! What do I mean? Shoes of course and my beloved sneakers! After all I cannot consider myself as the typical woman who enjoys wearing heels, but more like a minimal casual one, who adores comfortable shoes and especially sneakers. They are actually perfect for wearing then at the office with jeans and skirts and dresses and suits of course, but mostly I enjoy them for my long walks. Especially when I am travelling abroad that I want to discover the city I stay, is the perfect opportunity to wear them all the time. My favorite sneakers are always in my wardrobe and I am always trying to get more pairs in a different style. Blue, beige, grey, pink, with dots or stripes. I have to admit that I like them to have color and more color! So, allow me to share with you my new shoes… pink with stars and glitter!!! Yea, like being a kid again, but it was Love from first sight!

Well actually this is an issue every time I visit Kokoriko Shoes site to check their new shoes! It first started with my Blue Polka Dots Sneakers and then with many more. Suddenly I saw the pink with the stars! I tried hardly to resist but it was impossible! So I get them as a gift for myself… no it’s not my birthday! And I love them! So comfortable and so glitter and in my favorite pink and with stars!!!!! But again, I wanted to play with them and to experiment with a new diy. What I wanted to try? To decorate the shoelaces and add more boho details on them. So Shoes with Embroidery Shoelaces!

Materials to use to make our DIY Shoes with Embroidery Shoelaces:

Sneakers  (of course from kokoriko shoes)

– Embroidery Stich

– Embroidery Thread in our favorite colors

Do not be afraid… for this project we do not need to be embroidery experts. For be more specific, we are going to create only small patterns with the threads, that are so easy to make in order to have these boho details.  I could use the pink shoelaces, but I have decided to replace them with typical white.  Two different pink shades for my threads and let’s start by making simple dashes with the first one and dots with the second one.  The pattern is easy, but I wanted to use the same type of colors for my shoes, meaning white and pink.

There is no need to embroider the whole shoe cord, since I wanted to have a minimal white bow. Of course this is matter of taste. Ten minutes of our time and they are ready. Just keep in mind that in the back side of the shoelace, there are also the opposite side of the embroidery patterns. So, whenever you try to put the shoelace on your shoes, just be carefull not to fold the shoelace. 

Ready and full with Summer style! Actually I have the option to use the simple pink pair of shoelace or the white one with the pink details. I love them both and my shoes are still trending!

So, what are your favorite shoes style for this season? and what about the colors?

Happy Crafting!

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  1. I think you took a lovely pair of shoes and turned it into an extra lovely one! Great job, who would’ve thought some embroidery could make such a difference!

  2. Hannah swancott Reply

    Oh my gosh such a cute idea! I’ve never even thought of that! So unique and cool…..Converse, I’m coming for you ; )

  3. I love the embroidery on the show lace. What a unique idea. The color is fab too!

  4. Geraline Batarra Reply

    Such a lovely pair of shoes and I love the idea of making your own style to make it more beautiful.

  5. I think those are the cutest little details that you could add on a shoe! I just love how it looks and I cannot believe I never thought of it before. It makes the shoes look cuter!

  6. The embroidery detailing is so cute! I would never have thought to do something like this to shoe laces. Plus the sneakers themselves are so cute x

  7. Autumn Murray Reply

    Embroidered shoelaces? What a lovely and unique idea! You are so creative. I am recycling last year’s shoes. 🙂

  8. I would never have guessed that you had made the shoelaces yourself as it looks like it was made for those pink trainers. Pink is one of my favourite colours and I am definitely up for decorating and upcyling any lace up shoes I have for a fun finish.

  9. I used to customize a lot of my stuff when I was younger because it was so much fun and it’s how I would express myself. I think this so adorable! I love the color as well!

  10. Τρελαίνομαι με τα πανέμορφα χειροποίητα κορδόνια, Ζήνα μου. Εκπληκτική ιδέα. Πολλά φιλιά, φίλη μου.

  11. Jennifer Prince Reply

    This is such a cute idea that I’ve never seen before. It adds such a fun little touch of color!

  12. Blair Villanueva Reply

    This is a cool and pretty idea to pimp your shoelaces. I never thought of this, and thank you for your tips!

  13. That’s so adorable! My daughter would love to have something like that. I think she can already do that. Thanks for the idea!

  14. Yes, long walks with dress shoes are no fun. I once walked up behind the Hollywood sign with dress shoes on. It was my last day and I thought it’s now or who knows when!

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