DIY Summer Nursery Mobile with paper fishes and ships. A decor idea to prepare with your little crafters!

So we are back. After three weeks of vacation to mh veloved Crete, we are finally back to Athens. The holiday period was amazing. The only things that we were doing of course, were swimming , playing games, eating ice creams, having fun with our friends and creating family memories! As you can imagine, we had also a short break from crafting, but now that we are back and the kids are complaining about that, it is the perfect time to start creating again! This time, we had fun preparing cute fishes and tiny colored paper boats. DIY Summer Nursery Mobile with paper fishes and ships!

The idea was to create something easy, something with colors and of course to reminds us the Summer. So we start collecting materials that we already had and then the idea just appeared. paper little boats and cute fishes with paper drinking straws. Actually for the fises, the reason to make them was in the “Little Crafters – Easy paper Crafts” book.  The specific book is one of our favorites and both my kids use it when they want to play with papers and scissors. So far they have crafted paper birds and paper people and of course the paper owl. Crafting time was never before that easy, because the book has detailed instrunctions and patterns. Meaning, kids can create without helping them.

Materials to use for our Summer Mobile with Ships and Fishes::

– Colored Cardboard


– Colored paper drinking straws

– cord

– scissor

– glue

– toothpick

– Wooden Beads (if you have no available you can use macaroni)

– Pipe Cleaner

– Acrylic Colors or anything you want

How to make the paper Fish:

So, the procedure is really easy and funny. The only thing that you need to be carefull is the toothpick. Start by cut in pieces the paper drinking straws and make one whole in the middle of it. Use the cord to pass it from the straws and also the wooden beads. Create a single knot in each end. Cut the cardboard and by using the pattern in the book, create the head and the tail of the fish. Glue them on the cord. Paint if you wish the fish and create eyes. With the pipe cleaner create a tiny heart use it as a mouth (just glue it on the back of the paper). The fish is ready!

How to decorate them now? This is the easy part. Just hang them from the driftwood or any wood you have and create your own mobile. In ours, we have also used more paper straws and beads and little paper ships! And it is ready! It is already part of our balcony decoration!

It is obvious , I think, that as a family we adore Summer! After all is the period that we usually have our family vacations, away from the city, in a beautiful place perfect to relax! So, fishes and ships and driftwoods and blue shades and Summer will always be here!

Happy Crafting!

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