DIY Craft For Kids Cute Rabbit Planters! Paint and transform your paper tiny planters into the cutest rabbits! An easy craft to enjoy with your kids.

Have you ever became a poet or a crafter because of a book? This is the case for my kids. Everytime we read a book for kids that we love, it is a challenge to find a beautiful new game behind the story or even a craft full of colors! The past weekend we enjoyed our new book, with a tiny rabbit that wanted to be a poet! it was really easy to create a new game and to craft something cute! DIY Craft For Kids Cute Rabbit Planters!

A cute bunny was really in love with poetry. The only thing he was doing all day, was to create his own poets! But the rest of the bunnies, were really offensive against him and they were demanding to stop making ans telling poems. So, he decided to have a walk and discover if there is anyone else that can understand his love about poetry! And he actually found someone…

The kids really enjoyed this book and they decided to become also poets! And here is where we have decided to create a new game… how to become a poet! The game is easy! Just refer one word and then you need to create a small poem with the words that all team members mentioned. As you may imagine, I never won…but my hubby was really good on this game and the kids enjoyed it very much! And then, we created also sute rebbits…


Materials for our Rabbit Planters:

– Paper Planters

– Watercolors

– Paint Brush

– Glue

– Scissor

– colored papers / pom pom / plastic eyes for crafts (optionally)

Let’s get ready and let’s get dirty! Because our rabbits will have too many colors! Just start painting your paper planters with your favorite colors. If you do not want to draw eyes and nose, just use the pom pom and the plastic eyes. And what about ears??? Easy…use the colored papers and then glue them in the planters! Optionally, you can make also paper bows to decorate them. 

Put into the planters cotton with water and some lentil. After a few days, the rabbits will also have funny green hair too! Craft with kids…really, isn’t something really amazing to do? You will always be impressed from their fantasy! 

Happy Crafting!

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