How to craft Christmas Trees with Drinking Straws! A beautiful and easy idea for making cute tree ornaments or to use them for wrap your gifts!


I told you I am in Christmas mode…that’s why when I discover these cute drinking straws that reminds me caramels, I used them for creating small cute Christmas trees. A really fast and easy procedure and of course with materials that you already have, so no money to spend!

– Drinking Straws
– Eye pins or any kind of wire
– Scissor
– Matches
– Round Nose Pier


Start by cutting the straws in four or more pieces different with different length


With the match warm the eye pin’s edge and make a whole into the straw.


keep doing this for all the pieces you have in the middle.


Use the round nose pier to crease the remaining edge (we do not care if you turn it round, since this is going to be the log)


and you are done! What I told you???? easy and super fast!


I have several thoughts how to use them and I will share them in another post also. For now I just made our first Straw’s trees Ornaments by using a small piece of white cord and ribbon in the same color.



After all Christmas means to be like a child again and I think that these trees are just perfect for it…they remind me also candies!!!!
Happy Crafting!!!
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