It was about time to have another recipe in my blog. And especially due to Valentines day… I do not know why, but I listen about Valentines my mind things only chocolate!!!!
So how about an easy to make recipe for soft cookies that are the same time crunchy enough full of chocolate for a special Valentines Day Breakfast in bed????


What will we need:
200gr butter
300gr white sugar
3 eggs
200gr flour
50gr cocoa
1 sugar spoon baking powder
180gr Chocolate Spread
100gr Almonds



– In a bowl mix the sugar with butter and add one by one the eggs.

– When the mixture is ready, just add the chocolate spread and the flour that has already been mixed with baking powder.

– Cut the almonds in small pieces and put them last in the mixture.

– The mixture is ready, full of chocolate! Use a spoon to add spoonfuls in a baking pan covered with cooking paper.

– Bake them for about 15-18min to 160 degrees.

– If you wish to add more aroma and not just chocolate, you may add a sugar spoon of orange shavings or vanilla.
– For more sweet taste, just serve them with flour sugar!!
– The amazing plate and the cups perfect for Valentines day, can be found in Kritikou Shopping Therapy. More beautiful cups in amazing colors!
Hope you will enjoy them!!!!
mats mouts

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