Who does not love diamonds? Diamonds are for ever! And mine are for my home also! Ceramic and white and full of aromas!!!!



I love surprises…who doesn’t? And when I received a package full of handmade gifts from my great friend Aleka, I had a smile in my face all day! A beautiful hair accessory for my princess, crochet pebbles for my blog friends and diamonds for me. Nope… I do not hide them, I will show them soon I hope…and of course I will show your gifts too. But let’s first start with my diamonds!



Aleka lately got pasioned with geometric schemas and with cement. And I have to admit that she creates really beautiful crafts, especially for the home decor. That’s why when I admired her planters she created as a gift three beautiful and so cute diamonds for me. Of course I have to say, that the first thought was to make them necklaces but we changed our mind soon, because we failed to make them pendants…we will try them soon I hope. So when I received them, I see that the pin on them was broken…


What to do with them if not pendants? Hmm… and then an idea came up… oil essentials and they are ready! But first let’s see how to create them. Check out how Aleka created her planters for her succulents and just follow her instructions here! Then put a few drops from your favorite essential oil on them and let them dry for a while. They will smell amazing! Use them in your home decor and you are going to love these diamonds!!! Just have in mind that essential oil might leave a mark on them, so add the drops in the back side.


My diamonds are now cinnamon diamonds and I love them!!!!
Thank you Aleka for this amazing and precious gift!!!! And for you my friends, just spend a few minutes to check Aleka’s creations and you will be thrilled!
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  1. Καταπληκτικά τα δώρα της Αλέκας Ζήνα μου! Τι φανταστική που είναι η ιδέα να τα αρωματίσετε! Μπράβο! Στη φωτογραφία δείχνουν τέλεια μαζί με τα υπόλοιπα διακοσμητικά!

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