I could live just with chocolate! White chocolate, chocolate with milk, with caramel, with orange, in bites, in large pieces, with chocolate mousse, in cakes… you know, all these amazing stuff! I remember myself in my childhood waiting every noon my father to come home and to bring me small bites of chocolate or my favorite one, white chocolate with raisins! On my birthday my cake was pure chocolate…without any  vanilla detail! And my favorite , stil strange, taste combination… pistachio or pacotinia or chips with chocolate! Yes I know… I am addicted!


So as you may imagine, I couldn’t start new year in my blog without a super sweet post! Chocolate anyone? More specifically, small bites that have saved me many times so far… friends coming home, invitations for coffees, treats in the office or in the school and of course for these special moments that you have a desire for something sweet! But these fudges have… roses!



You might remember these cute tiny dried roses I have discovered with the amazing aroma and I have lost my mind with! I have already used them in Bath Salts and in Soaps and in a few more ideas , that I will share with you soon. But a morning while I was enjoying my coffee, I said… why not to try them in a food? And I did! And believe me, they are amazing! Tiny  bitter – sweet bites with a feeling of roses, that melt in your mouth giving  you small pleasures! You are going to love them…



– 1 can sweetened condensed milk
– 350gr Dark Chocolate
– Cacao Powder
– 1 tablespoon unsalted butter
– 1 tea cup dried roses ( I got them from here)
– 1 glass of water


Let’s proceed. First we will prepare the rose water… this is easy. Put 1/3 of the tea cup dried roses on 1 boiled glass of water and leave them for ten minutes. Sieve them and set it aside. If you wish to have a more smelly rose water, just use more dried waters in  the beginning. Also have in mind that you can keep rose water in your refrigerator for a week.
The rest of the procedure is the usual one for making fudges. In a cooking pot warm the condensed milk in medium heat with the rest of the dried roses. Mix it and when the milk is hot enough, remove it from the fire. Use a spoon to remove the roses from the mixture. Put again the cooking pot and warm it, add the chocolate pieces and let them melt. Add the butter and two table spoons of the rosewater (if we want it with more aroma, we may add two more tablespoons of rosewater).   Stir them until the mixture is homogeneous again and put it on a baking pan covered with aluminium foil. Leave it to cool and then put it to the refrigerator to cool some more. Cut it in pieces and sprinkle them with cocoa powder. They are ready!!!
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