Diy Hand Painted Driftwood Air Planter! Materials from the beac, color and plant! Amazing idea for your decor!
Driftwoods are always a material that I love to have in my home, because I consider amazing how the salty water and the sea waves can transform a piece of wood in something so beautiful! And to be honest, they remind me Summer and my island! This year we had the chance with the kids to collect many of them, in different shapes and lengths, so when we came back to our home, it was the great opportunity to use them. What we did? something easy and full of colors and we really enjoyed it! Hand Painted Driftwoods that we used them as a planter for our Air plant of course!



Materials to use for Hand Painted Tribal Driftwoods Planter:

– Driftwoods
– Acrylic Paint
– Hot Glue
– Paint Brush
– Espresso Cup



Let’s start with the funny part! Colors everywhere! Just start drawing schemas and lines and dots and allow your imagination to create something without a pattern! Kids are actually great artists and they will create small masterpieces!





After you done, let them dry. You can keep them as they are, but if you want to protect the colors, just use a Sand Fixative Spray, like I did in my Rotated Servce Disk.



Of course you can keep them as they are and decorate them in a bowl or hang them on the wall. But for me, I wanted them to be the small raft for my  Tillandsia Ιonantha , so hot glue and glue them together.



An espresso cup actually is once more the perfect way to have your air plant on the driftwoods. Actually, these cups have become one of my favorite recycled material lately!



And my cute colored raft for my air plant is ready!!! I have put it next to the Woodland Air Planter I have done and actually they are quite a great company together! I think I will share with you a photo with my beloved corner with my air plants… you know with my Air Ballon and the WaterColor Bowl and …. oh I will tell you more in another post!



Driftwoods are a material that you can definatelly can use in many crafts. And I am planning also to make more for me and my home. Actually, my kids loved so much painting them, that I definatelly have to repeat this craft again!
So, do you have driftwoods in your home???
Happy Crafting!
mats mouts

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  1. MommyJammi / Mary Liodou Reply

    Αγαπώ θαλασσόξυλα και ποτέ η άτυχη δεν έχω βρει ένα!!! Αγαπώ επίσης αερόφυτα συνεπώς λάτρεψα την σύνθεσή σου! Πολύ έξυπνη ιδέα!

    • νταξει και εγω τα κυνηγαω και δε βρίσκω πάντα. Αν θες ομως εχει θαλασσοξυλα και το airplants Μαρακι.

      Χιλια ευχαριστω 🙂

  2. τα θαλασσόξυλα απλά τα λατρεύω! αν και τωρα τελευταια δεν βρίσκω…μαλλον γιατι όλοι τα μαζευουν!!! η δημιουργία σας έγινε σουπερ!να σας θυμιζει το καλοκαιρακι και φυσικα τις ομορφες στιγμες των διακοπων!

    • χαχαχα πρεπει να μαζευτούμε όλες για θαλασσόξυλα!!!! Χιλια ευχαριστω!

  3. How cute! Something I will definetly do with my daughter! Another fun thing is to to collect pebbles and use them to. Reminds me of my childhood.

    • Indeed, pebbles are always in our crafts! I think our kids are doing the same creations 🙂

      Thank you!

  4. Υπέροχη ιδέα διακόσμησης με θαλασσόξυλα! Απλά τη λατρεύω! Σε φιλώ, φίλη μου.

  5. These looks so cute and fun to do with the kids. This made me nostalgic as I used to collect pebbles, shells and yes! driftwoods.

    From: Calleigh K – ❥ theforkbite

  6. ana de jesus Reply

    I always thought there was something lovely about driftwood but this is lovely. I really love the bright colours and how they remind me of totems x

    • I always consider driftwoods like something special, totally agree with you. I am glad you like it! thank you

  7. Λατρεύω κι εγώ τα θαλασσόξυλα και έχω ένα μεγάλο απόθεμα από το οποίο παίρνω κατα καιρούς κάποια και τα χρησιμοποιώ σε διάφορες διακοσμητικές κατασκευές με κοχύλια, κοράλια αλλά πιό πολύ με ντεκουπάζ. Από αερόφυτα δεν έχω καμμία εμπειρία, αλλά το μικρούλι σου βρίσκω πως ταίριαξε μια χαρά πάνω στην πολύχρωμη ζωγραφιστή σχεδία του!

    • Τα θαλασσόξυλα ειναι αγαπημένα και τα ειχα δει στις υπεροχες κατασκεύες σου! χιλια ευχαριστω κουκλίτσα 🙂

  8. Cheichei Va Reply

    Aww these are so cute! I will make this with my kids. Looks so fun.

  9. This is so cute and easy…I am going to try this DIY! I guess I will have to find a substitute for Espresso cup 🙂

    • No espresso lover??? hmmm… this is tough! you can replace it with small cup from yogurt maybe!

  10. How cute is this planter? I will definitely give it a try, except I'll have to find an alternative for espresso cup. Loved all the pictures of the planter. <3

  11. This is such a cute idea! We don't get much driftwood here but we do have a lot of woods with fallen branches. Maybe I'll save a few next time I'm clearing out my yard!

    • I think wood from trees are going also to be great! Actually I would love to try this one also. Thank you for the idea!

  12. I love this idea as it is so simple and yet creative. I also love how you have written it in both languages.

  13. Kumin Küche Reply

    What a beautiful and creative idea! really love it so much!! will definitely try to do it, looks simple, thanks for sharing this lovely post!

  14. I've always loved driftwood too, I think it's the though of its journey in the sea before finally washing up. This is such a cute craft, I love how bright they are and that each individual piece is different.

  15. this is actually a good activity that I can do w/ my little cousins! thanks! 🙂

  16. athanasia tse Reply

    Καταπληκτική ιδέα. Θα μαζέψουμε μερικά κλαδάκια με τα παιδιά να φτιάξουμε μια παραλλαγή της κατασκευής σας, διότι εδώ δεν παίζει να βρω κοντά στην θάλασσα. Σουπερ!

    • Και με κλαδια θα δειχνει υπέροχο κουκλα, ειδικα από τα χεράκια σας! Καλες δημιουργίες 🙂

  17. Εσύ και οι χρωματιστές σου χειροτεχνίες που με τρελαίνουν! Αν και δεν είμαι λάτρης των έντονων χρωμάτων δεν ξέρω γιατί τα δικά σου τα χαζεύω….

    • Ω!!!! τιμή μου Χριστινάκι! ΧΙΛια ευχαριστω κουκλα 🙂

  18. That painted wood does look so cool. I know my daughter would love the project. In fact we were just painting rocks this past weekend. Very fun.

    • Isn't just great to create and have fun with the kids? I love your idea about the rocks! thank you!

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