Back to School DIY Colored Pencil Case with Cachepots and organize with a funny way your pencils!

I know… schools have already started at least one month ago! And now you are coming back with a back to school diy? Really? No… this is not a fun! Actually, yes, the schools have already started but after a few days we have realized that my princess had too many pencils and colors and erasers that our wooden pencil case it was not that big! I was really proud of this wooden case, because it was a gift to myself during univercirty! Anyway, we were in a need to create something to organize our stationery. So, do you have plastic cachepots? Let’s diy then! Back to School DIY Colored Pencil Case with Cachepots and organize with a funny way your pencils!

Materials for Back to School DIY Colored Pencil Case with Cachepots :

– Plastic Cachepots

– Plastic Base for planters 

– temporary kids tattoo 

– Hot Glue

– Ribbons and seguins (optionally)

Something with color, something cute and of course to be big enough for all of our colors and pencils and erasers and bookmarks and….. ! Plastic planters ,  plastic base and glue and let’s start! To be honest in the very first beginning I was thinking to use glass jars and maybe decorate them with decoupage (I do not like it a lot, but anyway) but then I decided to use materials that cannot be broken! We found also some cute temporary kids tattoo, so the idea just came up!

The craft is really easy and the only thing to do is to decorate the cachepots with the tattoos. So after I did the first one, my princess took over and completed the whole decoration. She added many of her favorite schemas, but do not overdo it. Let them dry!

Seguins with Color! Our latest passion! I used them already to decorate my Summer tote bag , so now we used them for the pencil case.  If you manage to find a seguins’ ribbon, things are easier. Just use hot glue and decorate the planters. Else, you need to glue one by one!

Last step? Complete the case by connecting the seperate parts. Add hot glue on the plastic base and stack the planters. Of course it is not necessary to use glue, but I want them to be more stable. Put all your stationery on the cases and you are done!

A case full of colors and cute patterns that fits too many things! My princess is happy about this and so am I! Afterall, crafting is our all time classic passion!

Really, how do you organize your stationery?


Happy Crafting!

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  1. Επιτέλους αυτά τα αυτοκολλητάκια μπήκαν σε μια θέση σωστή ….χαχαχα γελάω γιατί έχει γεμίσει το σπίτι.όμορφα υπέροχα χρώματα και πολύ χρήσιμα.Καλή σχολική χρονιά!

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