Every year this season we have so many things to prepare for the Easter celebration. Not only the sweets and the Easter Candles but also small treats for our young friends and not only! This time, my princess helped me since the craft was really an easy one. Pure recycle creation, with simple materials that you can have already! How to make Candy Flavors for Easter with Egg Cartons!

Materials for Easter Candy Treats with Egg Cartons:

  • paper egg cartons
  • colored cardboard
  • scissor
  • hot glue
  • paper dollies
  • plastic flowers
  • treats to include: chocolate eggs, small ducks and bunnies, flowers etc

How this idea came up? A Sunday morning that my princess was sick and even the weather was amazing, we preferred to stay at home. So I had to figure out a way to spent our time without watching TV. In such cases, the best way is to check what kind of materials you have and start crafting with the kids! So… guess what materials I had!

First cut a piece of the colored cardboard and with glue cover the branch of the eggs. In that way we also add more color in our boxes. Repeat the same step for the inside of the box. Paper dollies are one of my favorite materials. Cut them in four pieces and use them to decorate your box.

Plastic flowers and tiny eggs can be used for more decorative Easter details. Yes, I know… I am not a fan of the plastic flowers, but I told you already, the specific flowers are amazing! I purchased a few different types (roses, almond tree’s flowers etc) and they are already part of our crafts, like the Colored Easter Eggs!

The treats’ boxes are ready. Now it’s the time to hide a few treats and eggs inside! Paper moss to decorate it more and then add one my one the treats! Colored Easter eggs, chocolates and candies, tiny bunnies and ducks or whatever you like!

The kids loved the process and since it was really easy, we prepared more boxes for our teachers and godparents also. Of course, my main responsibility was to use the hot glue.

It will not take more than 10min and your friends will love the idea! last time we have prepared Jars with Cute animals, but this time we wanted a recycle craft! After all we love eating eggs in my family!!!

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Happy Crafting my friends!

mats mouts,



Passion crafter , dreamer, lover of travelling and of good food, fan of colors and of photography! Lucky mother of two, who help me extend my imagination! EfZin…live well, dream and laugh!

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