This is the situation when you always keep materials and things that are useless for you. Typically you need to organize your space and then to think what to do with them! So, I had a few photo frames left from our craft we did with the kids and I had set them aside. And then Spring came and I wanted to decorate my balcony, to use it for the warm nights and afternoons! What to add in the outside decor? Candles and lanterns and flowers! DIY Upcycle Old Photo Frames to Cute Lantern!

Materials for Recycle Craft Cute Lantern:

  • 4 photo frames
  • paint brush
  • chalk paint (got them from here)
  • varnish for decor (got it from here)
  • strong glue (I have used E6000)
  • optionally: glitter dust

The idea is brilliant and of course I have seen it in famous pinterest. I got this idea from a few posts I saw and it was easy to decide that I need to try it. I had photo frames, I had amazing colors in mint green and pink and I had free time! Start first by removing everything from the frames and glue them together in order to create a box. Let the glue dry.

And now the funny part…start painting! My favorite mint green chalk paint was my first though so paint the lantern and let it dry. The specific paint does not need much time to dry! Because of the wooden frame (it had varnish) I decided not to use sandpaper and remove paint in order to create the used style, but to add the second color with tissue!

Use a tissue and put the pink color. Try to add the paint at the edges with the tissue, by just scratching the wood. Let it dry and repeat it once more but with the green color, or any color you want! Let it dry again and add the decorative matte varnish. The lantern’s base is ready!

If you want to decorate your home and not move the lantern but keep it stable in one place, then no need to add a bottom. Else use a piece of wood and add the bottom of the lantern. Add flowers or candles or photos or anything you can imagine. For our lantern I used my beloved Moss, a candle and small led lights! For a sparkle detail i have added glitter on the moss!

The idea was amazing, the craft was really easy and we make a few more. This time we have decorated the glasses with glitter and white glue and dried flowers! if you have the lantern, then you can use it in many different ways!

Happy Crafting!



Passion crafter , dreamer, lover of travelling and of good food, fan of colors and of photography! Lucky mother of two, who help me extend my imagination! EfZin…live well, dream and laugh!

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